Waiting Is The Hardest Part

The weather this week has just not cooperated with me for riding. Been cold and wet most of the week. We should not be in the 30s in mid-May! Today is the first nice day, but they’re predicting rain. I would have ridden the Sporty to work today except I’m out of town for business next week and I’ve got a bunch of things to take up to and bring home from the office. Phooey! However, the office will be attending a memorial service this evening for the husband of a co-worker, so I’m planning on cutting out a couple of hours early to pack for camping and get the laundry started. If it’s not raining, I might either go out for a joyride or ride to the service. If I don’t get some riding in today my next chance will be a quickie on Sunday afternoon before I head out of town. After that, I’m looking at Memorial Day weekend. And of course, next week while I’m out of town the weather is predicted to be gorgeous and the students will have cleared campus. It would be the perfect week to ride to work everyday. Such is life.

UPDATE: While it was gorgeous this morning, as I’m about to leave work it is raining pretty steadily with storms on the way. Guess it worked out after all. And I really do have several boxes to take home with me tonight. Here’s hoping Sunday is better!