Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Work…

Well, I worked up the courage to ride to work this morning. Got a late start because of a sick kid, so I missed the rush hour. Had a bit of stuff to bring with so was really debating cage or bike. Finally said screw it and strapped a package on the luggage rack, hoisted the (smaller) backpack and headed out. Was still doing the internal debate of whether to go through town or go around town to find the less crowded bridge across the river. Was heading out of town when another bike passed in front of me down the road I would take through town. Threw on the blinker and followed. Don’t know where he got off to, but I’m glad he changed my mind.

Not so bad going through town. I AM getting more comfortable on the bike. Don’t have to think about gears and brakes so much and I’m starting to get smooth putting my feet down and up. Bike’s starting to feel like a part of me too. I can see where this could get addictive.

I’m really glad I chose to ride the bike and go through town. All these little mental hurdles. It’s nice to get them behind me. Can’t wait for the day when jumping on the bike requires no more mental energy than getting in the car. And I don’t think it’s as far off as I once believed.

Odometer: 297 miles