Just Another Day

Well, if it’s the small victories that count, today was a milestone. Rode to work this morning without much trepidation. Was only tempted to take the car once and that quickly passed. And once I got out on the bike it was nothing more than a simple ride to work. Have found a straightforward, low-key route to get through the construction and such. And even managed to get through most of the lights and train tracks this morning without stopping. Have to admit that when I turned into campus the idea of just keeping going crossed my mind. 🙂 I think I’m quickly becoming a convert.

And I may have developed a real appreciation for chaps this morning. It was around 50 degrees, but it was pretty brisk on the legs. Leather jacket is taking care of the top half quite well, but I’m going to need to balance it out with some leather on the lower half.

Oh, and on the reality side…where I park at work is under a tree, so now I’ve got sap and bird poo on the bike. Oh buggers, I might have to wash the bike. Darn.

Odometer: 327 miles

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  1. Steve says:

    You have to change your mindset. Good weather opportunities are there for the moment. The housework will be there when you get back!

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