OK, That Was Interesting…

Took off from work early this afternoon and had several interesting experiences on the way home. First I decided to stop for lunch at Applebees. Not a big deal, but while I was there I picked up the text message that had been sent several hours earlier that the future-ex lost his job. Well, I have to admit if I hadn’t been on the mocycle, I would have probably just sat at that bar all afternoon and evening. As it was, I had a Mountain Dew and headed home.

About halfway home, I stopped for a train and – what the? It started to rain. That would be a first for me. I thought about racing it home, but decided after everything I know from bicycles and what they said at the Rider’s Edge class, it might be best to wait it out. So I pulled in to a nearby coffee shop for a spell. I’m glad I did. The rains came, the winds blew, the lightning flashed, the thunder boomed – and I enjoyed an Italian cream soda. Soothed my soul a bit anyway. Luckily I had the time to spare. After maybe an hour, I decdied to duck home between the storm cells and had a pretty easy ride home. My bike needs to be washed for sure now.

I’m learning that nothing is easy on a motorcycle. Always respected bikers, but had no idea what they were going through. Learning quickly.

Odometer: 335 miles