New Routine

Just another boring day riding back and forth to work. About the only thing of note today is that I had my first experiences with being invisible. There was one spot where I thought someone was going to back out of a driveway without seeing me. And the more stark one was downtown where I was making a left-hand turn on an arrow, and of course someone in a cage thought their right-hand turn on red was more important. I’ve always never trusted other drivers, and it seems that habit will serve me well on my bike.

Jeepers, it was only a couple of days ago that I was hoping to hit 500 miles by the end of June. That’s now been revised to the end of this week. Gonna be off the bike next week, so I want that behind me before I need to park it. Can’t believe how quickly that happened. The little weekend trips added up.

Odometer: 453 miles