Back In The Saddle

FINALLY got back on the bike today. Was out of town last week, and while I’m on vacation this week, I’ve been busy with getting the house prepped for painting so we can get it on the market and sell it. I was itchin’ so bad this morning, I just went on a quick loop around town just to get it out of the garage. It felt soooo good. I think the time away may have been good for me. Things I was fretting over before I just threw to the wind because I was happy to be back on the bike (e.g., busy roads, bridges, certain intersections, railroad tracks, etc.). Didn’t get a lot of miles in today, but did get a few smiles.

Also took the bike to a picnic this evening. This too was something I would have second guessed just a few weeks ago – crossing the river on Main Avenue on a Friday pretty much in rush hour. Didn’t think twice about it. I’m not avoiding the main roads at this point. Still choosing the less busy roads, but not actively going out of my way to avoid busy ones either.

In other news, one of my cousins has invited me to go to Sturgis with them. It’s just for a couple of days, but I’m thinking a couple of days is better than none! I’m sure I’ll wish I had been there longer, but I’m thinking I’ll learn enough to make better plans for next year. It’s interesting that as bad as I wanted to find a way to go (REALLY didn’t just want to head down there on my own), once the invite came the enormity of getting there and all the prep and expense hit home. I guess its not really a sure thing at this point (what in my life is at the moment), but at least I can do what I can to make it happen.

Oh, I’m hoping to make a day of it tomorrow. The weather looks perfect and I’m gonna try to get a few hundred miles on the bike.

Odometer: 512 miles