Another Hurdle

It had rained this morning and was threatening to do it some more this morning when I took off for work. Boy I’ve developed a “whatever” attitude. Wasn’t going to let a little rain keep me from riding the bike to work.

The other thing that happened today is that I had an appointment this morning in one of the busier parts of town. Another opportunity to implement the “whatever” attitude. Went down University, 25th Street, and 10th Street in the process of getting there and back. Those are some pretty major arteries through town and quite busy. Didn’t bother me at all to be out there between the minivans and the delivery trucks. I’m getting better for sure.

And I also crossed the 800 mile mark that I had hoped to knock off over the weekend. Going to have to plan for a ride on Friday or Saturday to get those last 200 miles in. The 1000-mile service is scheduled for Monday, so I’ve got a deadline to meet. (Like I needed an excuse. 🙂 There are actually a couple of rides happening this weekend that I wouldn’t mind taking part in, but organized rides kinda spook me still. Don’t know what they’re all about and not sure I could handle riding in a pack yet. I dunno. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.

And I got the nicest surprise in my mailbox this evening. Got a packet from the Harley dealer that included a personalized, framed picture of my bike. Totally didn’t expect that, but it’s super cool. Course I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid and this kind of swag floats my boat.

Odometer: 807 miles