I got my bike back from the shop today. What was supposed to be a 24-hour stint turned into several days. I was going through serious withdrawl. I dropped it off last Thursday so it could be trailered out for service. It was supposed to be back Friday. Hadn’t heard, so I called Saturday. They said it was done and they’d call when they were going to haul it back to town. Nothing Saturday. Bummed because I couldn’t ride Sunday. Nothing Monday. Nothing Tuesday. OK, dammit I’m calling them. Apparently they had a wrong phone number for me and had been trying to reach me. (Odd, since they had reached me to drop it off.) It had been sitting in town waiting for me since Saturday. Out the door I went to go get it. I’m feeling much better now. Little windy today, even in town, but still rode it straight through town on some of the busiest roads. Felt strange for about half a mile. Then it felt really good. Wish I had more time and someplace to go. Guess that’s what the weekend is for. 🙂

Odometer: 1702 miles