Getting Cocky

Rode the bike on Tuesday to a meeting across town and found myself swinging my feet onto the pegs after a stop. Where the heck did I pick that up?! Jeez, went from cautious to cocky in a couple of months. That didn’t take long, but keep it in check ya know.

Wow. Two weeks to Sturgis. And at least two trips out of town before then, one for nearly a week. Not a lot of riding time before I leave, but there will be plenty of riding time getting there. Hills and curves are going to push my skills, but they’ll be good skills to know. And I won’t even mention watching out for other riders and their machines.

Found out where I’ll be staying with my cousins, and wow, did I get lucky. Not only is it unbelievably cheap, it’s a private house only 5 miles out of Sturgis. Karma says I need to be in Sturgis apparently. This is amazing how this has all come together. Was just a dream at the beginning of the summer.

Was scheduled to ride in with the cousins and arrive on Friday, but road construction has them taking the Interstate now, so we wouldn’t meet up until Sturgis anyway. So that opened the door to getting down there early for the Tweet-Up that’s in the works for Thursday. Been juggling the schedule to make it happen, and looking for a place to stay for one night. I think I found someplace not too far out, and reasonable. That probably means it’s not luxurious, but hey, it’s only one night.

Got to admit I’m getting excited, nervous, scared, overwhelmed, and psyched all at the same time. Got out my little T-Bag last night to see just how much I’m going to be able to take along. Not a much space, but I think I’m going to be able to make it work. I’m practiced at packing light anyway and its only a 6-day trip with not a lot of dress codes. Still need to get some good rain gear, but I think I’m going to skip on the tools. Don’t have any yet, and wouldn’t know what to do with most of them. Maybe I can find some in Sturgis.

Sure wish the house would sell this week. Would love to have that behind me before I leave for any of my trips, but especially for Sturgis. I need to clear my head. I’m hoping a 1000-miles and some time with friends and family will be the ticket.

Oh, and I should mention what happened regarding the ride I wanted to participate in last weekend. With the house on the market and two or three showings a day, I decided to stay in town to cover dog-sitting duty. Everyone else in the family was working. So, of course, no one came over all weekend until late Sunday night and I could have gone on the ride, no problem. *pout* Well, it was kind of like a mini vacation with nothing to do and the place to myself.

Odometer: 1769 miles