Round Two

Yaaaaay! The riding season started for me yesterday. The weather has been great since the weekend, and I was more than chomping at the bit. Had asked the dealer to haul it back to town more than a week ago, but hadn’t heard a thing. So I had made tentative plans to catch a ride for the 100-mile trip for that afternoon. Made a quick call to the dealer to let them know I was coming, and lo and behold, they had hauled it yesterday and it was in town waiting for me. 🙂 While I would have liked the ride (the day was gorgeous), I did appreciate not having to take half a day just to go get it.

So I started work and switched the plans to pick it up over lunch hour. Went home to grab the gear and found a huge box waiting for me from the Harley dealer. Huh? I didn’t order anything. What is this? Parts left over from winter storage? What’s left of my bike after an accident? As it turned out, it was the cover they had on it over the winter. Forgot about that. Curious that they didn’t just bring it with the bike. (I really do need saddlebags.)

The next surprise waiting for me was in the mailbox. Got the bill for the service work they did over the winter. Was expecting that, so no big deal. But I had three points of contact with the dealer in one day. That’s what was surprising.

Anyway, headed across town to go get the bike. And there she was, all shiny and clean. I almost forgot what it looked like (except it’s the wallpaper on my computer). Guy rolled it out of the bay while I geared up and I sat on it and it all came back. Had a brief moment of re-orientation to the controls, but that didn’t take long at all. And the riding came back pretty naturally. Just like riding a bicycle. 😉 Gassed up, headed home, then rode it to work.

Looking forward to a long riding season this year. Spring has come early and is looking good so far. I expect to be car-less shortly, so the motorcycle is going to be it for transportation. Kind scares me, kinda excites me. Either way, that’s the way it’s going to be.

Talk to you again soon.

Odometer: 5055 miles