What a Spring

Been riding for a couple of weeks now. We have had a stretch of weather that’s pretty close to unbelievable. Great temps – even pushed 80F one day – and sunny skies, and occasionally very little wind. The kind of weather you wish for.

Been riding the bike most everywhere. Am trying to sell my car and expect (hope) to have only the Harley for at least the summer. Not quite sure how I’m going to manage things like shopping, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

My big ride each week is heading off to my class about 90 miles away. It’s all Interstate, so not my favorite type of riding. I find myself not enjoying the ride so much since there is a time pressure associated with the ride – on the way there to get to class on time and on the way home to beat darkness. But any excuse for a ride works for me.

This past weekend I stopped by a custom bike shop that a friend of mine has. Hadn’t seen him in a few years and didn’t realize they’d opened a shop. Not surprised though. Talked to him about switching out my handlebars for some mini-apes. He didn’t think it would be a problem at all and thought he’d done one already. After pricing out bars, cables, turn signals, etc. he thought it would run about $800. Well I don’t have two nickels to rub together at the moment, so it will have to wait. But it’s nice to know a ballpark number.

Last weekend was especially beautiful out and I suspect everyone who owned a motorcycle was on it. Which means there were several accidents. Fatalities actually. Terrible. Hopefully we’re past the worst of it for the year.

At this point I’m looking forward to just taking a joyride on the bike. I’d love to hit a two-lane with nowhere to go and enough change in my pocket to buy lunch. Hope it’s not too long before I can pull that off.

Odometer: 5674 miles