Leap of Faith

Well, today marks the 1 year anniversary of picking up my Sporty from the dealer and putting on the first miles for both it and me. That would be momentous enough, but today is notable for today’s events as well. This is the day that I sold my car and went 2 wheels only. Times are still tough and I had to make a choice. The bike fits into the budget and the car didn’t. And while the car is a necessity for hauling stuff and people, we’re going to try to get by without it. I feel bad for my son who just finished his classroom drivers ed, and now we don’t have a car for him to learn to drive.

It’s obvious I’ve got some trepidation about this. I might be feeling better about it if it weren’t 35 degrees and raining today. And I interviewed for a job that’s an hour away. If I get the job it’s going to be a challenge to have only the Harley for commuting. But part of me is looking forward to the challenge of making this work. And hopefully by fall, I’ll be able to get a car again without having to sacrifice the bike. *Crossing my fingers that things get better soon.*

As far as bike trips go, my class is now over so my weekly 200 mile rides are not required. That just means I now get to go where and when I’d prefer.

Wish me luck.