Cruisin’ Down the Highway

It’s been a busy summer. Since April I’ve been to Minneapolis (twice), Seattle, Chicago, Salt Lake City, and Milwaukee. All were business trips and none of them was by motorcycle. But I went to South Dakota by motorcycle. Sadly, not Sturgis this year, but still an important trip.

If you’re familiar with previous posts on this blog, you know I’ve had troubles with my handlebars the past few years and just got them replaced over the winter. After being confined to in-town trips only because of them you’d think I’d be rarin’ to hit the highway finally.



She’s home.

It’s April 11th. It’s not the earliest start to the season. It’s not the latest start to the season. It is very likely the most joyous start to the season.

After the past couple of years of not enjoying riding very much and being pretty much limited to riding in town, it didn’t take me 10 seconds to figure out I’m free again. Free to ride as far as I like. Free to get out of the house whenever I choose. Free to not spend unnecessary time getting around by bus.

It’s glorious.


Hello. It’s been a while. For many reasons. One being those doggone handlebars that really, really killed the joy I had in riding.

But no more.

I just paid off the Harley. AND I just paid off the bill to have the handlebars replaced, including heated grips. And new tires. And a few other miscellaneous bits and bobs.