Month Number One

It was a month ago that I sucked up the courage to hitch a ride and drive my Harley the 142 miles home. That was a HUGE decision, and I’m so glad I decided to do it. Was originally supposed to have it delivered to me. If that had happened, there’s no way I would be as far as I am at this point. And I may have never gotten out on the open road at all. When your first 142 miles on public roads is on the open road with traffic, wind, critters, etc. to deal with, you get a lot of experiences right off the bat. It was the perfect experience for me. Got me over a lot of hurdles.

I’m just short of my 500 mile break-in. Really wanted to get that accomplished before heading out of town, but the weather interfered. Still feeling darn good about getting 500 miles on without really going anywhere. Drove it home, took two short trips west and one east, and the rest is back and forth to work. Probably not the perfect break-in routine for the engine, but perhaps not the worst either.

The next experiences I want to have on the bike include trying some gravel, packing something on the bike, and going somewhere rather than just a few hour loop. Thinking about riding out of town and staying the night somewhere and returning the next day. Would like to do a camping trip, but think the first one should be a motel jaunt just because I don’t think I’m ready to handle all the gear yet. Need to look into some luggage for the bike that can move up when I trade-up.

Everybody told me that owning a motorcycle, especially a Harley, would change my life. Well, I’m beginning to see why. I’m delighted with how well the motorcycle community has welcomed me. Everything from low-left salutes, to nice little conversations here and there, to respecting where I’m at as a newbie. Didn’t think the community membership came with the first kickstand up experience, but for me it did. I’m a new member for sure, but a member. It’s a pretty welcoming community too. Not that everyone reacts the same way, but I sure have met some nice folks. All I have to do is mention that I ride, and boom you’ve got a topic of conversation for the evening. Heck, don’t even have to do that. Just have to wear H-D clothing. I was at the races the other night and some young guy started talking to me because I had my leather jacket on (it was about 45 degrees that night). He decided I was a “bad ass” because I rode. My son and I sniggered at that. He didn’t see me the day I had my Boy Scout uniform on under my Harley leathers. 🙂

Went to the local H-D dealers Garage Party this week (a women-only event). Reminded me how much I’ve learned already. Also made me really appreciate taking the Rider’s Edge course. I don’t have any of the bad habits they were talking about. It’s nice to have started with good instruction right from the beginning. Even though I went down, I’m really glad I had that experience before getting on my own bike and out on the road.

I didn’t blog the last two days this week because, other than being 80 degrees one day and 40 degrees the next morning, they were just regular days. Might be another milestone to be only blogging once a week, on those days when I get my longer rides in.

Odometer: 493 miles