Million Mile Monday

Been a while since I posted. Rode a bit last week, but I’ve been pretty exhausted trying to get the house ready to sell. One morning I was all geared up to ride, and I jumped in the car instead. I think I sat down and nearly fell over and decided discretion was the better part of valor.

Wanted to put some serious miles on the bike this weekend, too. Was supposed to get the 1000 mile service done today. But house duty, kid duty, parent duty, and a dose of bad weather pretty much kept the bike in the garage, so I didn’t get the miles in. Guess I did ride it to church and on some errands for my mom. (First time I’ve had it over to her house.) Here’s hoping next weekend is better.

So today I rode the bike to work. Had the longest wait for a train yet (you know one slow moving train clears only for another train going the opposite direction to show up just before the arms raise). Other than that, I’m finding the wind doesn’t bother me like it once did. I’ve discovered riding a bike can be like riding a horse. You can’t always make it go exactly where you want it to (in a straight line or right on this line of the trail), but it gets you where you’re going and you have to learn to trust it. So now, wind is not something to be fought but something to be danced with. Much less tense that way.

Considering riding the cycle out to Bismarck for work this week. Can’t think of a good reason not too. Weather should be perfect. Not staying overnight, so I don’t need to bring much (or anything actually). Only thing is that I need to get there expediently, which probably means riding the Interstate. Haven’t done that yet. But I think if I left early enough, the traffic wouldn’t be all that bad getting through town. Once I’m out of town it’s pretty much open road anyway. Been buffeted around by trucks already on two-lanes, so that’s nothing new. Haven’t had the bike up to 75 mph yet, and don’t think I’m gonna try. But I’m way more comfortable at 65 mph than I was and maybe that would inch up a bit after a 400 mile round trip. Haven’t decided for sure, but I really don’t have a good reason not to. And I have several reasons to give it a try. Stay tuned.

Oh, and I did log into the H.O.G. (Five) Million Mile Monday. Registered 33 miles, which might have included some miles from over the weekend, but close enough.

Odometer: 853 miles