Sturgis or Bust

Well, today I head out of town. Have to make a stop along the way for business, but about 24 hours from now it’s Sturgis or bust. I am so ready to go.

Haven’t had much time to ride recently, being out of town and all. But I did make a quick trip across town last Saturday. What was notable about that for me is that I made no compromises on the route I took. Went the same way I would in a car. Headed out on the Interstate and came back on the busiest, most dangerous road in town. And what was remarkable was that there was no fear – caution, alertness, carefulness, but not fear or even nerves. Just did it. I think I’m ready for the big ride.

Packing for this trip has been a challenge. There’s a proverb that says “a man is rich by what he can afford to leave alone.” If that’s the case, I’m loaded. Barely have a change of clothes, but I have what I need and I can get anything else along the way. Am not taking a computer though, so the next blog post will likely be when I get back. I expect it will be a doozy.

I am really looking forward to meeting new folks, seeing new things, and learning a lot. I’m sure the time will go fast and I will wish I had gotten there sooner. Won’t begrudge the day at the track with my son though. That was a blast and a pretty good start to my motorhead week.

Ride safe everyone and see you in Sturgis! And I’m always up for Two Beers…

Odometer: 1817 miles


  1. dakotabiker says:

    So did you end up taking the computer (subsequent blog entries) or are you relying on hotel business centers and libraries? I bought a Dell mini just for road blogs… tiny with no moving parts.

  2. J Rod says:

    I didn't bring a computer. Used the hotel's offering and my iTouch. I'd prefer a Mac, but I can see where a netbook would be good for the road. Need some saddlebags on the bike first.

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