Virgin Me

Thought I’d jot down my list of firsts during my trip to Sturgis:

  • First time on gravel, including uphill, downhill, in the dark and fog, wet, dry
  • First time over 500 miles in a day
  • First time without a helmet and gloves
  • First time chatting with a member of Hell’s Angels and Sons of Anarchy
  • First time riding in a group
  • First time riding in the Black Hills, meaning twisty, turny, hilly roads
  • First time encountering horses on the road (and birds and bees)
  • First time putting 85 octane in the tank
  • First time traveling with the T-Bag
  • First time wearing rain gear (the little bit of rain I caught doesn’t count for the first time riding in the rain)
  • First time parking on Main Street in Sturgis
  • First time (and second) having my picture taken on the bike

I’m sure I’ve missed some. I’m finding it interesting that the few twisty, turny spots in town that were once pucker spots for me are now child’s play. There’s nowhere I’m not willing to go on the bike now. And I don’t think twice about it. (Still don’t like 75 mph though, even though I can do it now. Mostly because of the way the bike feels.)