The season is just beginning here. I’ve seen lots of bikes on the road this weekend and last. Going a little crazy watching pass by my window. I’m still trying to get my bike out of storage (waiting on them to bring it in the 100 miles), but this is the week – one way or another.

There was a story on CBS this morning about women who ride motorcycles. I had a heads-up from Twitter that it was going to be on, so I checked it out. Here’s the 8:14 video that they showed (complete with commercials 🙁 ).

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What I thought was really neat was seeing Gloria Struck again. I met her last year at Sturgis (see an earlier post from August 2009) and she was so amazing. I think that comes through in this story. Got the juices going, for sure.

I’m itching to get back in the saddle this year. Someone said year 2 is dangerous because the newbie caution is gone, but the skills haven’t been solidified yet. Keeping that in mind as things get going.

Look for more posts soon.