Hello. It’s been a while. For many reasons. One being those doggone handlebars that really, really killed the joy I had in riding.

But no more.

I just paid off the Harley. AND I just paid off the bill to have the handlebars replaced, including heated grips. And new tires. And a few other miscellaneous bits and bobs.

Last fall I sent the bike off to the dealer to have it stored for the winter as usual, but I really, really wanted to deal with the handlebars this year. Being without a car makes me tremendously dependent upon being able to take the motorcycle wherever and whenever I need to. But those bloomin’ big apes just weren’t comfortable for riding out of town for me. Heck, they weren’t all that comfortable riding in town either.

So one fine Saturday last fall, I convinced one of my sons to drive me the hundred miles or so to the dealer, so that I could talk with them about getting those bars replaced. They didn’t see why it would be a problem. I told them a bit of my tale of woe (some of which has been relayed here and some of which has not), but they still didn’t see why it would be a problem. So they pulled a set of bars off their shelf and we went to the back to find my bike. I sat on it and they put the bars in position — and I damn near cried. They were perfect. Right where I wanted them in the first place. But having had my hopes dashed repeatedly I knew better than to get too excited.

So I got a call later, expecting it to be bad news, but instead it was the estimate of how much the job would run and I’m still “so you think it’s going to work”? I had them back off the braided cables and just go back to black vinyl (I’m just not into bling), but otherwise I was pretty happy with the estimate, especially given everything I’d been told previously.

I was actually traveling in January and landed in Phoenix when the call came in to tell me they were all done and what the total damages were going to be. I was absolutely giddy. The total bill was about what I had expected for just the handlebars, but it included the new grips and tires too. So I was in a right good mood at that point. On top of that, immediately upon exiting the Phoenix airport, a group of Harleys went rumbling by — first time I’d heard that in months. That was as close to Harley nirvana as I expect I will ever experience without being behind the handlebars myself.

So I’ve now got a free and clear title and a bike that’s all decked out and ready to go.

This summer? This summer I ride. And write more blog posts.

Odometer: 13,164 miles


  1. Faceyman says:

    I am so pleased that everything worked out for you! New bars, grips and tires and you are set to go! I look forward to reading about your 2014 rides!

  2. Amanda Haberman says:

    I’ve been checking on your blog now and then and worried when I didn’t see anything new. So glad you’re still rolling! Your posts have always been interesting to follow. I envy your paid-off Harley. 🙂
    Shiny side up,

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